Below are links to the manufacturers that we represent at Associated Representatives. 

Cameron Wire & Cable - Portable Power / Mining, Portable Cords / Control, Control & Tray Cable, Wind & Solar Cable/kits, Instrumentation Cable, Building Wire, Bare Copper, Aluminum, Aromered Cable, Low Voltage, lead/Hookup/ High Temp, Specialty

American Polywater – Lube, Cable Cleaners, Adhesives, Duct Seals

Time Mark - 3- Phase Monitors, Time Delay Relays, Current Monitors, Liquid level controllers, Voltage and Frequency Monitors, Transformers and Transducers, Alternating Relays

ERICO Utility Products – Grounding & Bonding, Cadweld, ERITECH

G&W Electric - Medium Voltage Switchgear and Reclosers 15-35kV, Cable Accessories 15-345kV

IEM Power Systems - Vesta arc resistant switchgear, Unit Substations, Custom Assemblies, Monitoring Solutions, Low & Medium Voltage Paralleling Switchgear

Isotrol Systems – Hospital Isolated Power Systems & Accessories

Jefferson Electric – Control, Low and Medium Voltage Dry Type transformers

Pentair Thermal Management  - Industrial And Commercial, Raychem Electrical Heat Trace Systems, Commercial Roof & Gutter, Bylin Ice and Snowmelt Systems, DigiTrace Controllers, Tracer Services - Turnkey Project, TraceTek Leak Detection,Pyrotenax MI Wire and Cable & 2-hr Fire Rated Cables

Phoenix Products – Industrial and Mining Lighting Fixtures

Richards Manufacturing - 200A & 600A 15-35kV Load-break & T-body Connectors for undergound &  overhead conductors

Robroy Plastibond - PVC coated conduct and fittings 

Stahlin Manufacturing - Fiberglass Enclosures

TraceTek – Pentair Leak Detection System - Conductive sensing cable for water, conductive fluids and hydrocarbons - commercial, industrial and municipal markets 

Virginia Transformer Corp. - Custom Oil-Filled Dry LTC Transformers Distribution / substation class

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